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New Project Focuses On Improving Student Reading Skills

Project Read 180 was piloted during the second semester at Eastern last year in an effort to improve the skills of struggling readers. It was developed with input from Kevin Feldman, an expert in vocabulary growth who is working with Lansing teachers. The program offers large and small group instruction, independent reading, and computer software [...]


Increasing Parent Involvement Is Key To Strengthening Quaker Family

Efforts have been initiated to encourage and support more active parent involvement in the education of their students. Parent Coordinator Linda Sanchez-Gazella conducts weekly office hours at the school where she is available to meet with parents and community members. As a result of her efforts, parent participation in last August’s freshmen orientation increased almost [...]


Special Olympics “Project Unify” Initiated At Eastern This Year

“Project Unify,” a Special Olympics program funded by the U. S. Department of Education, was initiated at Eastern this year. It pairs up general education students with special education “buddies” and is intended to create a community of inclusion at the school, foster an awareness of disabilities, put an end to bullying, and improve student [...]


Boys’ & Girls’ State Promotes Knowledge Of How Government Works

One to 2 Eastern juniors are selected each June to participate with their peers from across Michigan in the Boys’ and Girls’ State conventions sponsored by the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliaries. The program’s primary purpose is to encourage students to become more knowledgeable about the political process and learn how local, state, and [...]

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